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Scenic photo of Valle de Cocora in Colombia

The People of Colombia

By Pablo Guzman Travel, for many people, is a very scary thing. The idea of venturing to an unknown place where you don’t know anybody has the capability of intimidating the best of us. The beauty, however, lies in us making the decision to face our fears directly. For me, Colombia was one of those places. In recent history and…

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Cinque Terre a Breath of Fresh Air

By Erika Land Cinque Terre holds much more behind the meaning “Five Lands.” Within this rugged portion of the Italian Riveria lies breathtaking views, mouthwatering cuisine, crisp local wine, and a lifestyle that is hard to stray away from. These five small fishing villages are laced together by six miles of hiking trails. Each step you take is a journey…

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sunset beach with trees and hillside in the foreground

Finding Deeper Meaning in Mozambique

Going off the beaten path at Mozambique’s Ponta do Ouro By Whitney James My travels have taken me near and far these past few years. The top of Australia’s Sydney Harbor Bridge at sunset, swimming with wild dolphins off the shores of the Galapagos Islands, and most recently mountain biking to a remote waterfall in the mountains of Colombia. But…

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