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Sunset view of bicycle and tent on the beach during a bikepacking trip in Costa Rica

Beaches in Costa Rica… by Bicycle!

“My shins are literally sweating.” I was earning my stripes on this inaugural bikepacking trip in Costa Rica. Literally, sweat was drawing lines through the dirt caked on my legs. It had already been a long, exhausting day of riding, and we were only halfway to our destination. Riding through the touristed town near Playa Flamingo, we popped out on the beach. The air wreaked of suntan lotion as we strode past the crowds on the hard-packed sand. That mile of beach riding was exhilarating! Finding our own nook on the beach, we stripped off our sweat-soaked clothes. I removed my shoes and laughed at my ghostly-white feet, contrasting against the morning’s accumulation of grime. Aaron and I ran toward the clear, turquoise water and tripped into a refreshing haze of bliss.

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Rudi Taylor sorts through textiles while on a recent import trip

Meet the owners of a small import business

We often hear the phrase, “traveling for work”. How about the concept of working for travel? Over the past 35 years, Dan and Rudi Taylor have done just that. They turned their passion for travel into careers. Between their online import business, Happy Mango Beads, and their Colorado storefront, Wishful Living, this duo travels the world in search of unique…

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