How to Avoid Crowds When You Travel

In this article, we highlight a few ways to escape the crowd during your next big adventure and find lesser-known destinations and open spaces to enjoy.
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Wolf Johnson

When we explore the world, we yearn to do so in an enjoyable and immersive way. However, enjoying your adventure can be difficult when you can’t see or experience attractions through the density of a thick crowd. Being stuck in lines or exploring places filled with people can be a reasonable expectation for a lot of places, but if it happens more than you’d like, it can put some stress on what would’ve otherwise been an unforgettable trip. In this article, we highlight a few ways to avoid crowd during your next big adventure and find lesser-known destinations and open spaces to enjoy.



Avoid crowds when you travel to Paris

Book during the off-season

At popular destinations—and less popular ones, too—conducting research is a key part. of preparation. Talking to friends who have visited the place you’re thinking of going, searching on the internet for information, or reading books or articles can all be very helpful for planning your adventure. Research is especially advantageous because it can give you an idea of the regular crowd impact. Most people will make plans to travel during a destination’s peak season. Therefore, if you want to avoid the crowds, take a trip during the off-season or a less-crowded time of year. For example, spring break and summertime can be popular travel periods for many people. If you want to travel and avoid crowds, look into an early autumn vacation or wintertime getaway. Another major plus is that in the off-season, you may save money compared to traveling at a busier time.

Avoid crowds when you travel to New York City

Start Your Day Early

If you’re already at your destination, there are still ways you can escape the crowd. One of the easiest and most effective ways you can dodge large crowds on vacation is simply starting your day a little earlier. Don’t get us wrong! We understand sleeping in can be pleasant on vacation but starting your day even just an hour earlier can make a big difference. Arrive at places before the crowds do, have a unique and fun experience, and make more time to plan and explore the rest of the day.

Avoid crowds when you travel to Zurich

EXPLORE Off the Beaten Path

Another way you can escape the crowd is to seek out places and destinations that aren’t as traveled or well known by the majority of visitors. This can make your next trip not only more adventurous but more immersive and authentic, too. Before you go on vacation, conduct thorough research about local favorite spots and restaurants. Major landmarks and popular museums can be fun, but make it a point to explore hidden gems off the beaten path.


Travel is wonderful no matter how many people are around you, but there’s something about having your own space and experiences that make it extra meaningful. These are just a few tips to help you better avoid crowds on your next big adventure!

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